FILIPPO GALLI: “I think our participation at the Viareggio will come to an end this season.”

MILAN – These were the comments from the head of the AC Milan Youth Sector Filippo Galli following the youth sector match against PSV at the Viareggio Cup:

“The pitch was unsuitable for an event like this. Unsuitable for those who like us try and play football and put forward a playing style. I think our participation at the Viareggio Tournament will come to an end this season. It isn’t a reaction in the heat of the moment for the result, but we cannot come and play on pitches like this. For us who impose our game it’s absurd, but also for Italian football at youth level. It’s impossible to do so here, where we have come up against a side that relies on long balls and nothing more. If we want the best for our game we have to protect the teams that try and propose a playing style. And yet we’re not protected. I am not angry, I am disappointed. But not with my players or our coach Brocchi and his staff. There was just one team today. Those who love football only saw one side out on the pitch, the result doesn’t do us justice. If you want to play football you have to be put in the conditions to play and to be able to play the ball on the deck. I think the team today was extraordinary from this point of view, continuously trying to play despite the difficulties. Today the game was affected because of the conditions of the pitch and this is not right. For those who don’t want a formative form of football then this pitch is fine.”