FILIPO GALLI TO THE MILAN CHANNEL: “A formative approach to football for the Youth Sector”

MILANELLO – Youth Sector head Filippo Galli spoke to the Milan Channel today at the Milanello sports centre:“Seedorf wanted to meet all the Youth Sector staff to induce similar footballing principles at all levels of the club, giving an identity to all teams at all levels. It’s a good idea to hear what everyone has to say about the road that we’re on. Then it’s up to the club to implement and it’s my job to make sure that what is done is done well. We want growth on top of performances, a formative type of football. A victory for us is to see one of our players in the first team. The Youth Sector has to be strategic both at a technical level and a structural level. The desire is to improve but we won’t limit ourselves to that. We’re looking at what’s happening around us to help us continue to improve”.