FERNANDO TORRES: “Inzaghi can give me advice. He leads the entire group”

< ![CDATA[MILAN - Fernando Torres has given a lengthy interview with the Italian paper, the Corriere della Sera. These were some of the comments from the Spanish forward: “I had decided to leave Chelsea. I was very close to Mourinho. He wanted me to stay in London. But I needed a new incentive for my career.”Speaking about his arrival at Milan: "The phone call from Milan arrived on the 25th of August. The offer that I was waiting for was presented to me. I was in a unique situation. I needed to change. I had other opportunities, but I chose Milan because they showed they truly wanted me. The Champions League? The club is experiencing a situation that they’re not used to. For me it will be an extra incentive to help Milan get back to where it deserves.”On his Atletico past and his relationship with head coach Inzaghi: "There was a time when there were lots of players passing between Milan and Atletico Madrid: Albertini, Coloccini, Contra. It was another era and Atletico had no intention in selling me. Inzaghi? He doesn’t take care of just the attack, but he leads the entire group. Of course, he can give me some precious advice on movements inside the area. The substitutions? Being replaced isn’t something I like, just like the other players. I have no problem with Inzaghi or the coaching staff, but I would like to play the 90 minutes.”]]>