MILAN – These were Cristian Brocchi’s thoughts after his Primavera side came away from Atalanta with a 3-1 victory earlier today:

“In some moments of the match we stopped playing, but I understand why as the players wanted to preserve such an important result. The first half performance was my idea of a perfect team. We really wanted this win and the players are carrying out what I ask of them. There are lots of sides at the top end of the table and it’s certainly much more exciting and interesting. It makes every match from now on crucial and a head to head. Let’s hope it’s a great and thrilling end to the season. Cutrone didn’t lack respect, but it was right he was reprimanded to avoid tension. He has scored a lot of goals. He wasn’t playing before because his fitness wasn’t up to the standard. We feel he is a player with a bright future. Ivan was struggling from a physical point of view, but he was determined and put in a great performance. The more players you have available, the better it is.”