CRISTIAN BROCCHI: “We’re excited about playing Real Madrid”

MILAN – This is what the coach of the Allievi I-II divisione side, Cristian Brocchi, had to say when speaking to the Milan Channel yesterday ahead of their semi-final match with Real Madrid in the Al Kass International Cup in Doha, Qatar:"We’re excited about playing Real Madrid. We know how great it is to play against them. We’ve started to develop these players for the first team. Winning a tournament or championship is a secondary objective. The important thing is developing these players. It’s also important to help them understand the club’s mentality. A player for us has to eventually be ready to play at the San Siro. The players care about this experience. They want to win by playing in a different way and with a different mentality and so it’s normal that they’re happy. The match tomorrow speaks for itself. We’re talking about the history of world football. To say that you’ve played against Real Madrid is important for these players. I’ve seen the lads focused and we’ll try our best. They need to remain calm and play football without too much pressure. This is their task.”