MILAN – Primavera coach Cristian Brocchi has spoken exclusively to the Milan Channel.

Opening comments on the last game: “I said before the match with Udinese that the lads seem to have the right attitude, despite the loss to Fiorentina which was however a great match regardless because the two teams played an open match, and luckily the match against Udinese was a demonstration that the team are all playing as one and that we’re all aiming to get results through positive performances. This is a squad with great individual talents and the task has been to try and gel the players and instill the right attitude before, during and after a match. Touchwood, I note how there is more dialogue between the players off the pitch and I believe the period of getting to know each other and integrating is over and there is a purposeful attitude. It’s great to see how determined they are to do well and my wish from now until the end of the season is that we enjoy our football and see improvements.”

Closing comments: “If we’re trailing behind the top-teams in the table, it’s down to the defeats to the smaller teams, but that will serve as a lesson and I hope the players understand that. We hope to continue with the work we have been carrying out for a long time. When a team is able to understand its coach, it is also able to play with a different character and play with a different team spirit. Sinisa has a big character and he has been able to pass that on. I hope Milan can climb up the table and go back to the levels it deserves.”