< ![CDATA[MILAN -  Here are some extracts of what coach Filippo Inzaghi has said after speaking to various media outlets including the Milan Channel, Sky, La Gazzetta dello Sport and Il Giornale:"What distinguishes us is our cohesion. If the President comes to Milanello after the two draws with Empoli and Cesena, gets the team together and says to them: I liked the spirit demonstrated, well, it confirms he’s a great man. That’s exactly what happened. If Barbara Berlusconi comes to the press-room twice to express positive opinions about the side, I feel very satisfied in addition to fortunate.""When I started my coaching career with the Milan Youth Sector, I had fun but I also thought that one day I would have been able to coach the First Team. When I achieved that dream, I was very emotional. It’s a shame that magical evening was ruined by the injury to Montolivo with the Italian national team.""I’m aiming to concede fewer goals, as this way it’s possible to lay the foundations to get back to the top. We will have to do this one stage at a time, I am aware of this. It’s for this reason I work 10 hours a day here at Milanello with my staff.""Working for Milan in difficult times motivates me. I knew when I accepted the job what the club’s plans were. I said yes because I love Milan and because I’m convinced that working hard we’ll get back winning. Whoever coaches Milan has a duty to be ambitious.""My first objective is to do better than last year. Milan has to get back in Europe, if it’s via the Champions League then even better."]]>