CLARENCE SEEDORF TO THE MILAN CHANNEL: “Tomorrow will be a tough game”

MILANELLO – Clarence Seedorf spoke exclusively to the Milan Channel ahead of today’s press conference:"It’ll be a tough match tomorrow as we’ll be up against a team in form. We’ll give everything to get into Europe, working game by game and we have 11 matches to get to that objective. The team is focused and the players are ready to give 100%. Balotelli trained normally yesterday and will against today. It’s normal that there are many guilty parties when things aren’t going well but we have to stick together. If we had won the home match against Juventus of the Champions League match against Atletico, something would have changed, especially for the players who are in a delicate situation. We’ll keep working with enthusiasm to get out of this situation”.“There have always been high hopes around me but a lot of affection as well. I left this club with my heart full of satisfaction and I always felt a responsibility to give everything I had. When we lost against Juventus we were applauded off the field as the fans could see the commitment. That commitment will be there tomorrow as well. It’s been two season that we’ve been chasing the teams ahead of us and psychologically that’s tough, especially when you make chances on the pitch only to concede. It’s hard to believe that the mental and physical form can change quickly but the players are working hard. The results have yet to come with regularity but we’re working on just that. I won’t change my approach with the players. It’s better to work with a smile, that’s a bit of philosophy that I’m trying to apply. That doesn’t mean that we’re not hard on ourselves, we work on improving every day. Compared to previously, there’s more dialogue now”.