< ![CDATA[MILAN - Charlie Stillitano, the agent and organizer, who has always been a friend of Milan, spoke to the Milan Channel after the match against Chivas Guadalajara: "It was a pity about the results in the International Guinness Champions Cup, but was a wonderful tournament, with many spectators at the stadiums, the teams played as if they were real games. There was a great enthusiasm from the fans, it was all beautiful. Milan has many fans in the United States, not only Italian Americans, but also many young people inspired by Balotelli, they are excited by Milan. For me it would have been a dream to see Milan in the final of the International Guinness Champions Cup, but unfortunately we started late in the preparation, we have new players and a new coach. We need a little more time to work and a little patience." He added: "Inzaghi is always Inzaghi. He is smart, he's good, he is nice, he seems perfect for this Milan, to start over again. Inzaghi for me is number one. This year has been a turning point with the World Cup, here the enthusiasm for football is incredible. I think if the United States had beaten Belgium, they then they would have faced Argentina in the quarter-final, we are in an expanding movement. many children have seen the Balotelli, Cristiano Ronaldo and Rooney shirts, for example, and are passionate about this game. Forza Milan!"]]>