< ![CDATA[MILAN - Here is what the head of the Rossoneri youth sector, Filippo Galli, exclusively said to Milan Channel: "It has been a month that there has been a possibility that Aldo Dolcetti could leave the Rossoneri technical methodological area. He wants to go back to work on the pitch and by mutual agreement we agreed to set him free. The project goes ahead, CEO Adriano Galliani and Dr. Barbara Berlusconi want that. The Milan model continues. Working in a youth takes a continuous, well-defined concepts and teachings. Before starting this model, we evaluated various models and talked to the main player at Milan. We have drawn up a project that has been appreciated by all members of the club, and we then shared it with our coaches. This season we will continue to work on this project. We want to give identity and sense of belonging to the kids who are part of the youth sector. The manager will be chosen from within the club. Maybe he will enter a new position within the academy. Aldo Dolcetti began as a technical coordinator, then became coach of the youth team. The Milan model will continue. Dolcetti has been a model professional, but we have the resources and ideas to move forward. We are number one in Italy in the youth sector and we thank the club for the resources that have been made available to carry out this work. We are pleased that the fruits of the work of recent years are maturing. Mastour is a developing player and is working with the first team and I hope he can become very important to the First Team. We have a young youth team this year with some players born in 1998 so I repeat the Milan project continues and moves on. Forza Milan and best wishes to Coach Pippo Inzaghi!"]]>