< ![CDATA[MILAN - Carlo Liedholm, son of the great Nils, spoke to Milan Channel about the award handed out to Paolo Maldini that bears his name. He said: "Maldini was very happy to receive it, because it is an award that I have always tried to hand out to people that deserve it as people and not just as sportsmen, although at times the two have coincided. I think he was very proud to receive it. Our award is a very humble one, it does not come accompanied by huge crowds, it is all carried out in a very relaxed manner. My son, who is also called Paolo, has always been a big fan of Milan and especially of Maldini and so I was happy that he actually handed the award to Maldini." He added: "It is pointless listing all the qualities that Maldini has as a person because that is the very reason he received this award. He knew my father when he was just 16 years old and certainly my father was probably a little scary even though I don't think it was in his nature. My father was a charismatic man and he commanded respect. He was a world champion in taking the pressure off, it was his great secret as a coach as well as being extremely gifted technically in improving players. He had this ability to make things easier and to never allow the atmosphere to get too heavy."]]>