BROCCHI TO THE MILAN CHANNEL: “We’ve already picked ourselves up in the changing room.”

< ![CDATA[MILAN- Primavera coach Cristian Brocchi spoke exclusively to the Milan Channel after today’s youth sector derby. This is what he had to say to the club’s in-house TV channel: "It’s a heavy and misleading result, but as I said before the match, I’m paradoxically happy because the players showed some positive things out on the pitch. We started badly because we had a setback from the injury to Crociata, but I then saw a team that tried to react to stay in the match and that was even able to cut the gap and gave their all to recover the result. However, the sending-off of De Santis took the wind out of our sails.We’ve already picked ourselves up in the changing room. I’ve said the same things to the players that I’ve just said now. We’re younger than them. In terms of the attitude I have nothing to complain about, the only thing that leaves a bitter taste is the result. Everything else was positive.Modic took part in half a training session and he couldn’t be 100%. De Santis, Gamarra and Bordi hadn’t played a match in 20 days. However, I’m not one to complain, compliments to Inter that were able to win the match but many more compliments go to my players for all the rest. Felicioli has worked on a position that I have asked from him for a month and a half and that I was struggling to find. Today we found it and when he plays in that position on the pitch he becomes an important player for us."]]>