< ![CDATA[MILAN – This is what Milan youth team coach Cristian Brocchi said after his Primavera side ran out 4-0 winners against Pescara on Saturday in Round 4 of the league championship:"They started very strongly. In the first minutes we made a few errors with a couple of clearances, but we controlled the match well and we played good football. I think the result reflects our performance. Donnarumma saved a penalty and he’s really pleasing us and he made sure we didn’t concede a goal. The attitude of the side is the right one. The fact we didn’t concede is down to everyone. Our attitude has to be one of keeping possession, if we lose it, in as short a time as possible we have to get it back. It’s easier to do that as soon as you lose the ball as opposed to stopping and repositioning. This is the attitude I am trying to pass onto my players. Mastalli did all of pre-season with the First Team and played in some of the friendlies. Our objective is to develop players that are ready to play for the First Team. We work with all of them for this goal."]]>