BROCCHI: “Excellent group of young players”

< ![CDATA[MILAN - Youth team Cristian Brocchi coach praises his players’ approach to pre-season. He said: "We had a really good pre-season build up. We were able to have the players together for some time and we could discuss with them what we expected of them and we had time to work on certain things we would like to do. We could also explain how the methods that we will employ may be a little different from normal. We had a good response from the players during the workouts even if they had to work hard. We put them through quite a tough pre-season so at the moment they may be suffering a bit from that but it will give them that something extra and we are at a stage where we should be in terms of the start of the new season. The important thing is that we have a group of intelligent players and they really want to work hard and they want to give all that we ask from them. In the early days of training here at Milanello they have shown respect for their surroundings and they have kept their distance from the first team as we would expect of them. They have behaved very well and I am very pleased about that."]]>