< ![CDATA[MILAN – After the excellent and convincing win by the Berretti in the derby against Inter, the club’s youth sector coach Stefano Nava spoke exclusively to the Milan Channel:“Victories are always emotional, gratifying and bring happiness. I am pleased with the result. The match was well played and when I had the pleasure of being in your company for the “Milan Next” programme, I told you what I had asked the players for this match: great commitment, sacrifice and shared vision towards one goal. The lads were extraordinary in this sense and they were cohesive, helped each other and they gave a great performance. To all of that I add that a result is always pleasing.""The improvement of my players is down to being both united not only in the commitment but also being well organised out on the pitch. They all gave each other a hand, they were well ordered, balanced and they interpreted the match in the perfect manner.""For the next match against Bassano I’m expecting a confirmation. From the emotional point of view, to find the motivation in a match as great and important as a derby, I won’t say is easy, but it’s definitely more natural than in other occasions. Against other sides I expect all of what they have given and learnt through the joy and the beauty of winning after a great sacrifice. I expect all of these aspects to be a part of the players in the next fixtures."]]>