(IN THE PHOTO: The Primavera side)
MILAN – First half goals from Vutov and Hoxha mean that Milan came back from Udine with a 2-0 loss, despite the best efforts of Petagna and Fabbro in the second half.
Given that Atalanta also lost on the weekend, the situation in Group B doesn’t change. Coach Inzaghi’s team will have to beat Atalanta by two clear goals now to get to the finals without going through the play offs.
Here’s how the two sides took to the field.
UDINESE: Meret; Berra, Douglas, Pontisso, Siku, Codromaz, Jadson, Hoxha, Moras, Vutov, Tellan. Subs: Perisan, Bonilla, Boskovic, Riccardi, Bertoia, Borsetta, Puto, Saitta, Perfetto, Bezzo, Iussig. Coach: Luca MatiussiMILAN: Gori; Calabria, Pacifico, Iotti, Tamas; Mastalli, Pedone, Aniekan; Pinato, Petagna, El Shaarawy. Subs: Ferrari, De Santis, Gamarra, Claveria, Saporetti, Felicioli, Fabbro, Cernigoi, Cutrone, Viola. Coach: Filippo Inzaghi