ADRIANO GALLIANI: “We’re experiencing a very positive moment at the club”

< ![CDATA[MILAN - CEO Adriano Galliani spoke from the Lega Serie A headquarters earlier. This is what Galliani had to say: "We’re experiencing a very positive moment within the club and playing wise. There is great cohesion and will, which the President Berlusconi has contributed to a great deal by his weekly visits. Apart from the 11 points, the Milan spirit this year is very different to that of last year and I hope that things go better than last year when things happened that had never previously occurred. For the first time this century we’re out of Europe, but we’ve taken part 13 times in the Champions League and twice in the Europa League. For the first time we changed coach 3 times in the space of 12 months. There was a need for an awareness from everybody and the response has arrived in terms of concentration and commitment. I’m not a fortune teller and I don’t know where we will finish but there’s a positive feel. Milan, as an objective, has Champions League qualification. We managed it 13 times out of 15. That’s always our objective. On the one hand we’re happy to have a super attack. On the other hand we’ve conceded too many goals but the coach is fully aware of this and in the last match we didn’t concede a goal and this is a positive sign. A goal is the essence of football. A match with lots of goals is better than one without. For many years, the fundamental rule in football is that the winner concedes less goals.”]]>