ADRIANO GALLIANI: “Great feeling between Pippo and the fans”

< ![CDATA[MILAN- CEO Adriano Galliani had the following to say after a meeting at the Lega Serie A headquarters earlier today: “We won lots of Italian titles with Fabio Capello, always conceding very few goals. A great team, if it doesn’t concede goals, nearly always wins the match. It’s difficult that a match ends goalless. Our scouts are in South America and they are talking. They’re also political contacts, we’ll see. I can say that I am very happy about the work of Maiorino, Tremolada and Monaco. We have relationships with players from all over the world. Let’s hope for the best. I think the use of replays out on the pitch are a good thing. I am very favourable to technology. There is assistance and technological support in all sports. We need to establish how to use it with very clear criteria. But excluding replays altogether seems an error. If we have the instruments, let’s use them. The will of the FIGC on the issue is clear with the letter by Tavecchio to Blatter. Other engagements permitting, the President Berlusconi will always be at Milanello. His presence is always very important. It’s a big sign of passion and love on his side. Pippo is really loved and he has greater advantages compared to another coach. Then, if you’re a Milanista, you have more in your favour regardless! Inzaghi has the wind blowing in his favour and I haven’t heard any fan complain about Inzaghi since we decided to give him the job. This environment helps him a lot. He was loved as a player and also as a coach. The bond between Pippo and the fans exploded right away from the Lazio match. There’s a new atmosphere. Khedira to Milan? He’s a brilliant player who I like very much, but who has wage requests that would prevent an arrival at Milan."]]>