ADRIANO GALLIANI AT MILANELLO: “The cohesion that exists between us is fantastic”

< ![CDATA[MILANELLO – These were some of the comments from CEO Adriano Galliani at Milanello earlier today. The club’s CEO started by speaking about what the President had to say to the players ahead of the Hellas Verona match on Sunday: "The President briefly spoke to the squad reminding them above all of the difficulty historically of this fixture, because Milan lost two titles at Verona in 1973 and 1990. He reminded them that it’s a match to face in a certain manner also because of the past. He spoke to everyone without going into specifics with anyone, then the side went away and we had lunch, myself, the coach and the President. Menez is fine and he did the entire session. Today for the first time I saw 27 out of 28 players, the first time that’s happened this season. In the past it always happened to us on the eve of the Champions League finals. This is very positive. Today I was speaking about Verona in 1990 with Arrigo when Milan were a step from winning the Champions League, the Italian league and the Italian Cup and then we lost the Italian Cup with Juve and the league. The really fantastic thing this year is the total cohesion that exists between us. In January we shall see, we have lots of players and if need be we’ll sell."]]>