(IN THE PHOTO: a shot of Casa Milan) 
AC Milan and Arup have presented their bid for the redevelopment of the Portello area of the city. Evaluations of the offers for the contract have started and Milan hopes it will lead to the creation of one of the most innovative stadiums in the world. There are plans to also include a hotel, a sports college, restaurants, children’s playground, green areas and spaces reserved to artists and citizens. 
A unique place, planned in collaboration with the Milan Polytechnic Architecture Department and that aims to be open 7 days a week and not just on match days. It plans to hold 48.000 spectators and aims to provide a truly exciting experience with particular attention towards families, with the latest comforts and the best in security. The team behind the project has studied over 70 stadiums across the world (and not just football stadiums). It has then used this research and passed this onto the designers Arup. 
Arup is a world leader in the engineering and design sector. It has created Bayern Munich’s new stadium and the new stadium in Beijing. Arup currently employs over 11.000 people in 91 offices situated in 39 countries. 
The project takes its inspiration from the English model: a stadium that can be reached by public transport and by doing so encouraging fans to be more environmentally aware. The entire project has a common theme which is sustainability: • Visual impact on the city. It will be more similar to a building than a stadium. The height won’t exceed 30m from ground level (San Siro is over 60m in height) and will also go 10m underground. It won’t therefore affect the landscape and will seek to fit in perfectly with the city’s architectural style.• No noise: thanks to the latest technology and sound-proof materials the noise will be reduced to a minimum to those on the outside.  • No traffic: as mentioned public transport will be highly encouraged.• More green areas: there are plans for green areas open to citizens throughout the year.• Increased security: just like the English model fans will not only be kept under control but also be given greater responsibility. Fewer turnstiles to gain access and less barriers between the fans and the players. However zero tolerance to those who behave inappropriately in and out of the stadium. • New jobs: around 1000 jobs have been estimated for the creation of the stadium and around 500 jobs will be created once the project has been completed. • Financial sustainability: the state of the art project already has numerous companies interested in playing a part in the project.• Increase in the value of the property in the area: the redevelopment of the area and the services will increase the value of the residential areas and property that are currently in the area. • No speculation: there are often reports of property speculation associated with plans for a new stadium. Residential structures are not a part of the project. 
Urban Stadium AC Milan have decided to create a stadium in an urban area. Portello is the area with the best interests of the club, but other areas that are being studied haven’t been ruled out. The objective is to open the new structure for the 2018/19 season. 
San SiroAC Milan, thanks also to the Milan City Council and ahead of the Champions League final, is still committed to the improvement of the San Siro. In fact, there are plans for new restaurants, a new store, a new museum, a new sky lounge, refurbishment of the hygienic services, new and more comfortable seats to watch the match, hospitality rooms in the first orange tier and the creation of new places pitch-side to follow the match in close contact with the players.