MILAN – Casa Milan hosted an important press conference between Emirates and AC Milan earlier today.Emirates President and CEO Sir Timothy Charles Clark and AC Milan’s Vice-President and joint-CEO Barbara Berlusconi were both present.Emirates and AC Milan announced that the partnership will be renewed for another 5 seasons until the 2019/20 season.Barbara Berlusconi: "This is an important day for us. For AC Milan and for its fans. We have an announcement to make, but as a form of respect for our guest, who has come from afar, I want to let him speak."Sir Timothy Charles Clark: "Good afternoon everybody. I would like to thank everybody present. You can imagine why I am here and what I am about to announce. This partnership has been going on for many years. We’re two companies that share the same values. There are similarities between our brands. In Europe and in the World. It makes sense to be very close. Our partnership will continue for another 5 seasons with AC Milan. Until the end of the 2019/2020 season. We’re committed to this sponsorship. We’re passionate about football and therefore our partnership is not solely commercial. We have shared ambitions. We will continue what we started in 2007, with our commitment. A commitment to AC Milan and to Italy. For over 20 years, we’ve been present in Italy providing flights. We’re not just continuing with our sponsorship of AC Milan, but also inaugurating a very important milestone. That is, a daily service to the city of Milan. 3 daily flights direct to New York. We’ve had an excellent experience with the city of Milan. We will have the chance to achieve more goals, and beat our opponents. AC Milan has always had success. It’s a good thing for us and a good thing for AC Milan.”Barbara Berlusconi: "I thank Sir Timothy Clark. AC Milan believes in Emirates and vice-versa. They’ve decided to invest in us by sponsoring our shirt until 2020. This all makes me very happy. It’s important and a good sign for our country. I want to reiterate that. It’s not an easy moment. But on the other hand, I am convinced that this is a natural marriage. We have shared values: quality and excellence. Emirates connects the world together with its flights. The city of Milan also plays its part, as an ideal stop-off point between USA and Asia. AC Milan are the most popular club in the world. This agreement shows the importance of the AC Milan brand across the world. In my view it’s only natural, considering the glorious history of this club, to be a part of this elite. Regarding the numbers of the agreement, I cannot say anything about the figures. For privacy and respect I don’t think that they can be shared. This contract will last 5 years and it’s improved with respect to the previous one. And it’s the first negotiations that I’ve conducted from the start to the very end. I went 3 times to the Emirates. I saw from within how this multinational works and I worked with some true professionals. I want to thank them on my behalf and on the behalf of the club. It was a privilege to collaborate with you. They were negotiations with even some heated moments (joke), but the desire to continue this successful partnership was always there. I thank everyone."Barbara Berlusconi: "I don’t think the figures can be given. I believe that it’s an important agreement for the future of AC Milan. We’ve had immense support from Emirates over the years. We have points in common with them. It’s an agreement to be satisfied about. For the great value it can bring to Emirates and to us."Sir Timothy Charles Clark: "This is not only about the figures. For Emirates this is an important agreement for our brand. For the Italian market, AC Milan are very important. It’s a relationship based on quality. Why do we do it? We spend lots of money to promote ourselves through sport. In football. tennis, equestrianism and for us it is a collage of quality. AC Milan are a club of great quality. We’ve invested a lot in the north of Italy and now we have the new A-380 service. It’s a way to keep us connected in this part of the world.”Barbara Berlusconi: "As with regards to the value of Casa Milan, you would have to ask Sir Clark. Casa Milan has increased the overall value of Milan. From a commercial point of view and in terms of the brand. An estimated 200.000 people have visited it. More than 2.000.000 euros in revenue from Casa Milan. It was a good decision Casa Milan."Sir Timothy Charles Clark: "As I said before this agreement coincided with the landing of the A-380. To make these two events coincide on the same day makes us understand how important it is. We’ve increased our business in this part of the world over the years. We hope to have helped the community with our flights. Without going into details, this is a fundamental relationship between us and AC Milan. A group like Emirates looks for connections with big brands like AC Milan. AC Milan are known everywhere. They’re part of a football elite, even if they can have some ups and downs. We know that AC Milan have fans all over the world. They all walk around with the AC Milan jersey and this works very well for us. We’re relying on this commercial offer and it can be the start of something even bigger."Barbara Berlusconi: "We see ourselves as a solid club. We constantly show we’re an international brand. It’s definitely an important help and therefore for the sporting side and the development of the club."Sir Timothy Charles Clark: "A match like Milan and Real Madrid will be very important. There will be 32.000 thousand tickets available. We’ve thought about how we can promote this event and the tickets were sold in 24 hours. We have 10.000 people just from the USA. It’s just the start and it’s part of an initiative that wants to involve our partners. There will be another event in August which will involve all of our clubs. We could have sold more tickets for this event. It’s incredible."Barbara Berlusconi: "I have a good relationship with Sir Timothy Clark. I take care of the commercial side, while for sporting matters, Adriano Galliani is charge. Clearly we have to try and get back in the Champions League as soon as possible. All of our efforts are focused on this objective."