ABBIATI SPEAKS TO THE MILAN CHANNEL: “Against Napoli it will be hard”

MILAN – This is what goalkeeper Christian Abbiati had to say in an exclusive interview with the Milan Channel earlier:"Seedorf has had a great impact. I know him well and as a team we’re trying to put into place his ideas, even though it isn’t easy. Seedorf has brought new ideas and a different style of play. The change of coach should also be viewed as a failure on the part of the players, but there has definitely been a reaction on our side. There have been improvements, but after just 3 games it’s too early to adopt all the coach’s ideas.Against Napoli it will be hard, it’s a test to see at what stage we’re at. I would say that Atletico Madrid are doing really well. On the day of the draw, I was thinking about Atletico, but only for sentimental reasons. They’re strong on the counter-attack and they defend well. It won’t be an easy match. I always follow them and they play at a high tempo for the full 90 minutes…let’s hope they drop off towards the end! I have great memories of my time in Madrid, it was a perfect season.”Abbiati continued: "It’s a pleasure to have Kakà in the changing room, he’s a Ballon d’Or winner and he can pass on his experience to the players. I’m not thinking about the contract renewal, there’s time until June, now is the time to think about climbing the league table. I’m all for healthy competition. In my career I’ve had spells on the bench with both Dida and Sebastiano Rossi, but it’s never been a problem for me and I’ve accepted the decision when it’s happened. I’m happy that Brocchi is doing well with the Milan Youth Sector. Gabriel wants to do well, he’s just lacking a bit of experience, I can’t convince him to go and play, it will be his decision to go and gain experience.”