MILAN – Here’s what players and staff had to say after Milan beat Inter 1-0 in the c8ity derby on Sunday evening at the San Siro:ADRIANO GALLIANO"I think we deserved to win the first derby of this season as well but this evening especially, I don’t think a derby win has ever been more deserved. We knew before the match that to get to the Europa League we’ll need 9 points from 3 games and so we needed this win and now we have to hope that 6 more points will be enough to get to continental competition. Looking at the fixture list for all the team concerned, I think that if we get 6 the points and get to 60 points in the league, that should be enough. The important thing tonight was to win this derby match after almost three years without a victory. The last win was in Beijing".
CLARENCE SEEDORF “I want to enjoy this win. The team played with the right spirit. We started a bit tight bit we then took control of the match. We deserved the win and the players did well, courageous and intelligent. They played as a real team and that makes everything easier. De Jong has come on a lot in the last few months. He plays smart and he’s a great man even before being a great player. That’s the spirit you want. We can’t celebrate too much as we have the match against Atalanta coming up but credit to the players and let them enjoy the win before we start work again during the week. I feel at home in this atmosphere. I always went through a lot of these win as a player and I thank the player for giving me another one”.
RICARDO MONTOLIVO"This was exactly the message that we wanted to send as obviously this season can’t be considered satisfactory for the fans. We wanted to give the fans something of a gift tonight. Milan is not a club that can stay out of continental competition, that’s obvious. Usually we play in a different competition but that’s not the point here tonight. The prestige of European football is important for this club. Now we have two more games left to play and there are still some question marks. Before this match, we needed 9 points and now we need 6". ANDREA POLI“It was a hard fought and tactical match. We got the result we deserved in terms of how much we created. We really wanted to win in front of our fans and we’re very happy about the result. We want to end the season well and play in the Europa League next season. It’s a great satisfaction that I’ll share with my team mates. We gave everything today and I think the win was deserved. We know the formation well and that allows us to play compact football. Everything went well. De Jong is a player of enormous experience and all credit to him and the rest of the team. We helped each other out and there was a lot of cohesion. Now we just have to think about ourselves. We’ll win the next two games and then we’ll see where we are”.NIGEL DE JONG“I’m very happy to have scored , especially in a game like this, a derby match, bbut the important thing is the three points, especially against a team like Inter. For the derby and for Europe. I believe that we’ll get to the Europa League and we have two games left to play. We can’t give up, today we took a big step in the right direction. We have to keep on going. We should be able to do it. We played with a different formation tonight. We were a team today as we have been in the past. We all wanted to win and it’s normal to give 100% in games like this. We played with Taarabt between the lines and we did well, a great game. We have to be positive”.ADEL TAARABT"I’m very happy with how the derby went, especially for the fans. It’s been three years since we won and it’s good to get back to winning. I’m happy for the coach as well and for the rest of the team. I like the position I’m playing in and that’s where I like to be behind the two striker. At the start the match was very tight and it was tough for me to find space. I was in difficulty and I don’t deny it but that’s where I want to play. I think we have to believe in the Europa League. We just have to do our jobs and get as many points as possible and makes the least amount of mistakes as possible. Then we’ll see what happens”.