PRIMAVERA, INZAGHI TO THE MILAN CHANNEL: “Incredible comeback, we should be proud”

MILAN – Filippo Inzaghi spoke to the Milan Channel following the Primavera’s 3-3 draw against Padova this afternoon:“There’s still hope for second place and today we did something fantastic. We attacked for the whole game and we scored three in 15 minutes. The reaction was good and today another player born in ’98 made his debut. All the strikers are out for the next match but we’ll make do. We have three important matches coming up but maybe we’re a bit tired now. We’ll try for second place and if not, the play-offs.It’s normal to struggle after three matches in a week but the players did well to turn the result around. They were fantastic. We have a lot of good young players and the future is all theirs. After the Viareggio tournament and UEFA Youth League, despite the absences we’re still playing for second place. We should be proud of that”.