Zanetti: “What matters is being able to do well with Inter”

MILAN – An award for fair play, fairness and respect; values that have always characterised Javier Zanetti both on and off the pitch. The captain answered questions from reporters at the award ceremony of the Cartellino Viola and the 2013 Fair Play Award this morning in Milan.
Are they going to have to use chains to keep you on the bench?
"To be honest, my first objective was to get back to a point in which I could feel useful to the team and return after a bad injury. Right now I feel great. I’m available to the coach whenever he feels it necessary to send me back on the pitch."
What you were given today was an award for the end of your career… 
"It seems like it [smiling]. But sincerely, right now the most important thing isn’t my future, but rather that of the team and qualifying for Europe at the end of this season. And then later I’ll talk with the club to see what’s best for Inter. There’s no hurry and there’s no problem with the new president, as I’ve heard some people saying. Actually there’s been a lot of dialogue going on with some serious ideas, and we’ll take stock of things at the end of the season to see what’s best for everyone." 
Have you set up an appointment yet?
"No, because there’s no rush. It’s possible that when he returns we’ll discuss it more, but right now what matters is finishing the season."
So you only have Inter in mind and no plans regarding Mourinho?
"I immediately denied that, even though I have a great rapport with him. My bond with this club after 20 years will always be there, beyond anything that might happen in the future."
What do you think about the situation of Inter not having been awarded a single penalty?
"It seems very odd to me. Let’s hope we have a bit more luck in our upcoming matches."
What will you ask president Thohir?
"I have no requests, and I don’t expect anything from him, as some are saying. This situation simply doesn’t exist. Many of you have known me for years. I’m very open and always willing to do my best for this club."
How about your relationship with Mazzarri?
"It’s very good."
Will you say anything to Juan Jesus after the suspension?
"I’m really sorry to lose a player like him because he’s very important, especially for the games we have coming up."