Statements after the Primavera derby

MILAN – After the league match against AC Milan, Salvatore Cerrone, Andrea Palazzi and Leonardo Longo spoke with journalists from the Centro Sportivo Vismara.
Coach Salvatore Cerrone:
"The first goal bothered me because you can’t let in a goal like that. Luckily we reacted, and between the first and second half I saw the boys really wanted to make up for things and win. When it was 1-1 I thought we could take the three points home because we were making them suffer, most of all when we countered. And in that final moment if Puscas hadn’t closed down and left space for Camara… 
"Camara’s foul that could have given away a penalty? I don’t know, that’s not my decision to make. At any rate, we reacted well. We knew we were playing against a team that would have moved to second place with a win today, and one that won the Viareggio Tournament. So I think we played a good match. A draw was fair. If I could only have a player like Botta with us all the time [smiling]! He shows lots of fighting spirit, and in the second half he lifted the lads’ morale. He’s an important player who did a great job and turned in an exceptional game. We’ll gladly welcome him any time he comes to play with us. He really gave my boys a big hand."
Andrea Palazzi:
"We were struggling at the beginning, especially in the first few minutes. But we reacted well and played a great game from minute 20 onward. We were able to play our game, passing the ball around well and building from the back. A draw is a fair result. Our objective was to score the second goal and take the three points back home, but we’re still happy with the match we played. 
"Botta? He also gave maximum effort when he came to play against Hellas. He gave us a lot of help and quality in the centre. My compliments go out to him because he always shows up with the right mentality. Now we want to go to the finals and win the Scudetto."
Leonardo Longo:
"I was much more happy with the second half. Maybe that’s because we were too patient in the first one, waiting things out before trying to push forward. But in the second half I saw we had more space. And despite the heat and fatigue I think we played well in the early part of that half, and not too badly in the later part either. It was a good return for me, without a doubt. I can counterattack and carry the ball with me. But I’m still tending to make mistakes with a bit of tiredness or a lapse in concentration. 
"Even though we fell behind today we immediately turned the game around and created several chances that could have won the game for us. Unfortunately it didn’t happen, but we’ll gladly take this point. It boosts our morale, especially considering how we were coming off some performances that weren’t exactly our best. But today we showed we can compete against anyone."