Samaden: “A fair result”

MILAN – "In the end, a draw was the most fair result for this game.
We regret having made two or three mistakes in the first half, one of which
gave AC Milan a goal, and having given them chances with these mistakes. But
the Rossoneri played a good match, as we did as well. It’s a fair result,"
stated Nerazzurri academy director Roberto Samaden after the Primavera derby

"Andy [Polo] is quickly adapting to an entirely new situation, not
just from a footballing standpoint, but also a new country. He’s a fantastic
lad and works very hard. In my view, his improvements come down to the way he’s
becoming more and more comfortable in our environment, meaning here at Inter
and in Italian football in general. We’re happy with what he’s doing, and that
goes beyond the goal he scored.

"Even had we won we’d still be expecting the play-offs. AC Milan
were the side that didn’t need to win to make the play-offs. Even with a win we
would still have a gap between us and Atalanta and Milan; one that we wouldn’t easily
have been able to bridge in four games. Actually, I think we have to prepare
well for the play-offs. I’m confident since we’re getting back some important
players. Paramatti is back, and Tassi is on his way. So heading into the
play-offs I think we’ll be relaxed and playing with a lot of conviction.

"It wasn’t an easy game for Bonazzoli and Puscas since Milan has a
strong defence. It’s well organised and very aggressive too. Their defence
makes life difficult for any forward. In fact, we advanced much more easily on
the flanks than centrally. Federico is 16 years old and has to play against
older lads. So he worked for the team, and I think he did his part. It was
difficult for him to get the better of the Rossoneri defence, since the coach
chose to attack more down the flanks than through the middle. Puscas played for
15 minutes. I think they both did their part for the team more than showing
their individual qualities.

"Dabo? He’s also making a lot of progress.
He’s 18 years old. We have many like him on the team and we’re trying to get
them experience. Today was particularly positive. He had work to do since it
isn’t easy playing against Piccinocchi, Benedecic and Mastalli. So he had twice
as much work. Not just trying to play his game, but also trying to make things
difficult for them, since honestly those are three very good players."