Primavera derby, statements from Samaden and Cerrone

MILAN – "Our journey continues to move
forward, and we’ll try to take a closer look and see what went wrong in the
first half. They’re young lads, so things like this can happen. We made our
presence felt much more in the second half. AC Milan deserved to win,
especially in the first half in which we just weren’t there from an individual
and team standpoint," explained Roberto Samaden.

"We and AC Milan will both be in it until
the end, in both the league as well as in the other competitions we’ll take
part in. Now we have Chievo and Lazio coming up. It’s good to have games like
these because the lads can show they’re not the team we saw in the first

Then it was time for coach Salvatore Cerrone to
speak about his team: "We took the wrong approach mentally by playing a first
half that wasn’t very good. We also managed to create chances, especially in
the second half. Now we’ll get back to work. But it needs to be pointed out in
a more general context that this was only the first derby we’ve lost this
season. Obviously we’re sorry for the derby defeat, but it’s already time to
start looking ahead."