Osservatorio Calcio Italiano: Inter win at the Meazza

MILAN – (from osservatoriocalciotaliano.it)
Italian top division football has seen an even further decline in stadium
attendances. After Week 17, the average of Serie A spectators (23,752) showed a
decrease of 3.8% compared to the final figure of last season (24,655). This represents
the second worst statistic of the last five years, with the exception being the
2011/12 season (+2.2%), the figure is negative when compared to 2010/11 (4.8%)
and 2009/10 (-7.6%).

Inter have pulled off a
significant achievement. For their home matches, the Nerazzurri boast the highest
average attendances with 52,038 (+10.5% compared to last season).
They are
followed by Napoli (42,681, an increase of 7.1% from the 2012/13 season) and
Roma (41,737, an increase of 3.7% from last season). AC Milan, however, have
seen a sharp decline in the stands for home matches (36,741, -18.8% compared to

Fiorentina’s Stadio
Artemio Franchi has seen a true boom, with an average of 32,214: up 20.3%
compared to the final stats registered last season. Torino (16,894, +7.5%
compared to 2012/13) and Catania (14,433, +3.9% from 2012/13) have also enjoyed
significant increases.

This has been revealed
by Report no. 13/2013, compiled by the
Calcio Italiano
(http://www.osservatoriocalcioitaliano.it/) in
reference to Stadiapostcards’ online database (http://www.stadiapostcards.com/).

Reigning Italian
champions Juventus are the team that attracts the largest number of fans to the
stadium, and with the Bianconeri on the pitch the highest numbers of the season
were registered in Bergamo, Bologna, Verona/Chievo, Florence, AC Milan/Inter,
Livorno and Parma.