Mazzarri: “Now we need to work on our play”

NAPLES – Walter Mazzarri spoke to the media following Napoli 4-2 Inter.

Here’s what he had to say:

said well done to my players today, they performed very well with a lot
of ball possession, they played as I like them to. Now we need to work
on our play, Napoli always had problems when we kept and moved the ball.
They always needed to play on the break with the wonderful players they

"We weren’t as aware as we should have been in terms of
covering counter-attacks, we were too keen to play well. We need to be
more clinical, I’m sure that if we always play like we did today, we
won’t lose many games.

"Alvarez’s sending off? There was a
series of refereeing mistakes that affected the game. Alvarez was
dismissed with the score at 3-2 in our best period of the match, but
there were a lot of fouls more deserving of yellow cards than ours. We
could have scored more goals had the game stayed 11 v 11: the incident
changed the game.

"Clearly we’re unlucky when it comes to
Tagliavento: that’s our second match this season with him and our second
defeat. Before the Alvarez sending off there was a handball from Albiol
that went unpunished, for instance. It must be bad luck…"

"A penalty on Taider? We shouted that from the dug-out. There was no foul on Callejon because he was offside but… Maggio clearly tugged back Palacio? I agree with you and knowing Rodrigo he would have darted towards goal. There’s not much we can do if they don’t give us these penalties. Six points fewer than last season? The points the side got in the first half of last season came with five players who we didn’t have today. The team we have now is the one that managed 19 points from the entire second half of the campaign. Now look at the table and it will read a little differently."

did Mazzarri make of the reception he got on his return to Naples:
"Everyone’s opinion deserves respect, they know how things went, they
know the reasons I left weren’t what some people claimed. Very different
indeed. Let’s look forward, now I’m in charge of Inter, I need to think
about Inter and it annoys me to have lost a match like this. Napoli
were always under threat from our football.

"Today we made
individual mistakes, we got things wrong on their counter-attacks. You
can’t afford to lose the ball against Napoli, they have some fantastic
players, and above all they took their chances.

"The good news
from today was that we’re back playing as we did before, but we paid for
everything, including a referee whose performance conditioned the game.
We lacked a bit of luck, but football comes down to moments, sometimes
it doesn’t go your way.

"I’m happy with Inter’s performance. We
came to Naples and we played our own game from start to finish. We need
to create good football and go from there.

"I have Thohir’s
confidence? I knew that before, who knows why certain rumours came out
after three draws before games against Napoli and AC Milan."