Massimo Moratti: “Mutual confidence with Thohir”

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Here are the declarations of Inter Honorary President Massimo Moratti spoke to the press on Tuesday 27 May at the end of this evening’s ceremony to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Inter’s first European Cup win.

He said: “It was a very emotional event, looking back and reliving those moments, seeing them being celebrated and then seeing the people themselves. President Thohir? It was great to have him here, hopefully it won’t be too long before we see our fourth European Cup lifted. We’ve discussed other things over the last few days that will give us the basis for growth. There’s mutual confidence between us. I was pleased he came along today, first of all because he represents Inter but also because it enabled him to experience this event personally. I think it filled him with confidence.”

What do Inter need to start winning things again?
“You always need a bit of luck, but then it’s about assembling the right players with a coach who can get them all working together, that’s how you build something.”

Bank guarantees?
“Yes, that’s something we spoke about.”

Transfer strategies?
“We exchanged views on players who could be available. Ausilio is going a great job.”

Tom Ince joining Inter?
“It would be significant, funny too. Ince was a great player and I hope his son has the same qualities. But he certainly hasn’t been signed yet, they were still discussing it.”

Ranocchia as captain?
“I don’t know, they’ll make their own assessments about that. Ranocchia is a smashing lad though, that’s for sure.”