Javier Zanetti: “My experience is at Inter’s disposal”

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Here are the declarations of the ex Inter Captain and iconic figure Javier Zanetti after  attending the 50th anniversary celebrations of La Grande Inter’s European Cup victory in 1963/64.  Zanetti answering questions to the journalists attending:

Have you been involved in deciding Inter’s transfer strategies?
“There are other people who deal with the transfer market. I’m in the process of discussing my future role with the club, but nothing has been finalised yet.”

It’s an emotional day, some people have even asked you to carry on playing. But you’re ready to become Inter’s vice president.
“I’m ready to help out, how exactly is something we’re still looking at. We’ll have more talks, I’ve said I want to be useful.”

What could your role entail?
“We have to define a few things, discuss things properly with the club. I feel I can share my Inter experience with the lads, help them understand what it means to wear this shirt. For the other areas we have people like Ausilio and Fassone, who are very capable. I’ll try to work alongside them and pick things up as I go.”

Lots of players have moved on now. Is this year zero? How do you start again from here?
“With desire and hard work. I think we’re trying to do everything possible to build a team that can do better than last year. And hopefully that’s what will happen.”

Could Ranocchia take over the captain’s armband after you?
“I’ve suggested Andrea because he has experienced both good and bad moments with us. He understands those things perfectly so, yes, he could wear the captain’s armband.”

Have you already spoken to him?
“No, but I have a lot of faith in him and what he can give as a person. He’s very willing and available, all the lads can listen to him and I’m sure he’ll do great.”

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