Jonathan: “We have to stay united”

MILAN – The first words from Jonathan to Inter Channel after the game: “We’re lacking a bit of luck because we’re trying to score in every possible way, sending in balls up front…Sometimes the opponents are playing better, while other times we’re making mistakes. At any rate, it’s a difficult moment. We just have to continue on our road, and sooner or later we’ll come out of this. At the beginning of the season we were doing really well on the flanks. Now our opponents know this and wait for us.

“Now we have to think about the next match. We need support from the fans, and we’ll come out of this soon with their help. We’re not managing to convert our chances. That’s all we’re lacking. Once that starts happening again we’ll be able to move forward. I’m certain of that. When a defensive team finds itself down a goal it has to open up the play, and then the game changes.

“The standings? We know the other teams are hot on our heels, but we’re working hard. We have to look forward with confidence and without pressure,and we need to stay united.”