Inter Academy, Summer Camps in Nagano

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NAGANO – Inter Academy technical director Marco Monti is in Nagano, a Japanese city of around 400,000 inhabitants in Ch?bu region where the Nerazzurri Summer Camps began on 30 July. With the help of football schools director Massimo Giuriola, Inter youth academy coach Matteo Traina and grassroots goalkeeping coach Gabriele Zanon, Monti will be teaching football with the same passion and professionalism as always to around 250 kids aged 7-12.

The budding footballers, half of which come from Inter’s own football schools, will take part in two 90-minute lessons a day, one morning and one afternoon, with some classroom time to break things up in between.  

Joining Monti and his assistants on the pitch are Massimo Ciocci and Shoji Jo, the two technical directors of the Academy Japan project who together with local partners from the Black and Blue Stripes ensure the smooth running of all the sports activity.