“Ila al liqa”, so long to our friends in Hergla

HERGLA – Our own Massimo, Gabriele and Lorenzo enjoyed a wonderful visit to Hergla in Tunisia, south of Tunis, where they met up with Inter Campus’ official photographer Franco Origlia, who captured many unique and special moments from the trip in his usual brilliant and professional style.
Because of the strong winter cold front (and the absence of radiators) the nights were surprisingly chilly for North Africa, but the greetings from the children were warm just the same when the entire community of Hergla met the delegation.
In this small town on the sea, which thankfully has been unaffected by large-scale tourism, and especially in the two neighbourhoods of Laaribet and Soyeh, which are even more neglected, 60 of the 200 participants are girls. The parents were involved for the most part; they accompanied the children, stayed around to watch the session and thank us, and even brought us tea on occasion. In fact, the people of the town demonstrated enormous generosity and hospitality, despite living in a situation that is at times difficult and turbulent.
Our local contact Enrico Uncini (aka Chicco), along with friends from the El Mustaqbal Association, is working hard to achieve civic participation and tolerance in a place that has experienced moments of strong social and political tension. 
Thanks to the distribution of the new kits and balls, along with all the running and games, the time seemed to fly by, but the moments spent with the children and coaches remains in our hearts. "Ila al liqa", so long, "Ila al liqa", our friends in Hergla".