Hernanes: “I want to do well in the derby and become important for Inter”

hours away from his first derby with the Nerazzurri, Hernanes described his
feelings in an exclusive interview with Sky Perfect Japan: "I have great
expectations for this game. I want to do really well because I know that a
player can really win over the fans in games like these. I want to help the
team win. It will be very important because, beyond the fact that it’s the
derby, it can be key in us moving forward with our objectives."

After discussing his
relationship with Nerazzurri fans ("They accepted me warmly the start, I immediately felt appreciated and it’s nice"), the
midfielder described the one he has with coach Mazzarri: "It couldn’t be
going any better. I needed to find a coach like him and I’m very happy to be
working with him. What does he ask of me? To be a leader and help the team."

How far can this Inter side
go, and what about his own personal objective? "Mine is to be an important
player for the club. I didn’t come here to be an average player; I want to make
a difference. I’ll manage that if we earn important results. Our goal is
certainly to make it to Europe. We can do it. It just depends on us. Inter won
the first derby this season and we hope to do it again. Maybe with one of my
goals? I hope so…[smiling]. At any rate, what matters that we win."

Hernanes also covered
Juventus and Roma in his discussion ("The Giallorossi started off at light
speed, and the amazing thing is that as soon as they had two draws Juventus had
already built a big gap ahead of them") before ending the interview on the
subject of Nagatomo: "He was one of the first team-mates who looked to get
me involved in things here, and we always joke around together. It’s incredible
how he never stops running. I joke with him and tell him that he works harder
every day and that he should relax every now and then. He has an incredible
sense of professionalism."