Guarin at Palazzo Clerici: his comments to Mediaset and Sky Sport 24

MILAN – FC Internazionale’s technical sponsor chose Fredy Guarin to present their new Magista range of boots and El Guaro hopes to play even better in his new footwear.

The midfielder first spoke to Mediaset, as he discussed Nike’s new creation: "It’s great to be at this event, I’m very proud because these are top boots." He then talked about Inter: "We need to have the right mentality to perform well until the end of the season, we have a chance and we have to keep fighting to make the most of it. We’ve gone through a tough time, certain things have happened that we weren’t expecting. But we need to be in there with the right mentality. We mustn’t give up because if you give up you die, what’s happened is in the past and we have to look forward.

"Some people are claiming the coach has lost the dressing room? At times like this people always say things like that and try to find problems, but the truth is we have the same mentality, which is the same mindset we began with. We all have the same goal and are on the right track. I’m working hard and, as I’ve always said, the only place to prove myself is on the pitch. We’re a team and everyone needs to do their bit. What do I hope for the future? A project is already underway and when you start a big project you need everyone to contribute."

The Colombian also discussed the Magista boots with Sky Sport 24: "I really want to do great things in these boots. Will they help me to hit the woodwork less? I won’t wear these before the World Cup but I hope to play well in the ones I currently own. I’m training well, I’m relaxed and I always work with my head up. What can I give to this team? I’m working to give everything you can contribute in a positive sense, both on and off the pitch. I really miss scoring goals."

What about his mistake against Livorno? "I was gutted, angry, they aren’t things you expect to do, we needed to win and in the end we drew. But the team helped me a lot, I had all my team-mates around me. All I can do is work hard. Was I pleased that Mazzarri defended me? Obviously. I hope to reward his faith in me and perform well whenever I’m on the pitch. Is Mazzarri the right man for next season? His contract answers that, and we’ve begun a big project that we hope to continue together.

"Will next year prove to be Inter’s renaissance? We hope so, we expect so, we have a common goal which is to qualify for Europe. This is very important, Inter are a top club and have to be in Europe. Do AC Milan frighten us? No, we’re not afraid of them, we need to work in the knowledge that we have points under our belt and we have to do our bit. What do I expect? Consistency, that’s something I’m working to achieve, it’s not been an easy season but I’m not giving up and nor will the team. After my new contract do I feel I can say I’ll never go to Juve or AC Milan? I signed a new deal to stay at Inter, what went on before is in the past."