Giovanissimi Nazionali: four out of four derbies!

MILAN – And then came the fourth. Stefano Bellinzaghi’s Giovanissimi Nazionali side won derby number four out of four this season, as they prevailed 1-0 in the final of the Bracco Cup – Torneo Annovazzi, thanks to a goal from Traoré. In fact, it was the 4th goal that the striker from the Ivory Coast has scored against the Rossoneri this season.
After their success last September in the final of the 24th edition of the Gaetano Scirea Memorial (1-0, goal from Traoré), Bellinzaghi’s boys enjoyed another 1-0 win against AC Milan (away, with Traoré scoring again). Then at the end of March, the Nerazzurri youngsters triumphed 3-2; this time Pinamonti struck for a brace, but in between there was Traoré to convert a penalty. 
Even without yesterday’s win, it would be an impressive record. But the numbers speak clearly: it’s a clean sweep for Bellinzaghi’s Giovanissimi Nazionali team. Congratulations, lads!