Fassone: “Two to three years to regain the necessary stability”

MILAN – The Nerazzurri’s managing director Marco Fassone spoke to Mediaset about the future, the transfer market and the derby.
The Erick Thohir presidency looks to be moving ahead at full speed.
"The shareholders’ meeting went very well. The president gave a detailed explanation of the reorganisation the club is taking on, which was well received by the shareholders, precisely because of what it will mean in terms of stability and security for the future."
What role will Zanetti have? 
"As you can imagine, the president wanted to remind the captain of just how important it is that he focus on these final three matches. He wanted to reassure him that there would be the right place for him. After the season they’ll meet to precisely define the roles and tasks."
There’s a lot of attention being paid to the budget, but will it still be possible to dream?
"It seems to me the president is always very cautious about using such words such as ‘dream’. He’s perfectly aware that we have to operate in line with the club’s tradition and ambitions. He also stated we’re in a transition period and a period in which we’ll need two to three years to regain the necessary stability. However, it seems to me to have confirmed that when the market opportunities that Ausilio will present to him are in line with our economic objectives, he’ll continue to operate as he already demonstrated he could in January."
Will there be talks with Milito, Cambiasso and Samuel at the end of the season? Is it possible they’ll remain?
"As the president said, these are all decisions that will be made when we sit down together at the end of the season. We’ll hear all the assessments from the coach and director and then we’ll make the decision that works best for everyone."
And next comes the derby.
"Next comes the derby, which is very important not just for what it means to us and the city, but also for our goal of reaching the Europa League. We still haven’t secured our spot yet and it’s something we have to earn in these next three games."