Book “La Giovane Italia 2013” presented at San Siro

MILAN – In this ‘double derby’ week, Salvatore Cerrone was one the star guests at the presentation of the book written by Sky Italia journalist Paolo Ghisoni, ex-player Stefano Nava, Guido Maconi and Francesco Carabelli. Published by 13.25, the book was created with the support of the FIGC, proof of the project’s importance.

“La Giovane Italia” (Young Italy) is a collection of promising young players and dreams, to paraphrase the words of FIGC vice-president Demetrio Albertini, the guest of honour at the event.

The almanac, now into its third edition, continues the mission undertaken by its authors two years ago, i.e. to give greater coverage of youth football and its star players. 450 footballers are analysed tactically with sections including “playing style”, “where to improve”, “what they say about him” and “who he reminds us of”.

The players range from Serie A to Lega Pro and, needless to say, many of those featured are young Nerazzurri players – more than 40. A must-buy for all football lovers. Because tomorrow’s stars are all around us.