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Product Overview
The Hype Standard Bar with Spin Lock is a strong straight bar, ideal for those looking to increase muscle size and strength. A simple way to improve fitness levels and training performance.Hype’s Standard Bar Spin Lock features a spin lock collar. Designed to provide quick access and improve safety. Straight Bars are one of the most popular ways to strength train. Offering a variety of movements, designed to target different muscle groups. Increasing strength and muscle size, building impressive abs and improving core strength. Overhead or push press enhances should strength and supports upper body muscle development. Whilst adding Set-up and lunge movements increase workout intensity and also targets your lower body, improving leg strength and maximising muscle definition. And for full body conditioning, work your whole body with the addition of barbell squats… What more could you need?!Hype’s Standard Bar Spin Lock offers an inexpensive way to weight train. All it requires is a set of weights and a training bench. Ideal for use at home or at the gym, making this a convenient training solution. The Hype Standard Bar also delivers great resistance training – Stimulate bicep activity and intensifying power. Everything you need to improve muscle size and increase strength gains. These high quality Barbell Bar’s come in two sizes; The Hype 5ft Standard Bar (60”) or the large Hype 7ft Standard Bar (84”). Both are suitable for use with Standard Weight Plates.The Hype Standard Bar Spin Lock provides effective muscle gain. Increasing strength and muscle power, helping to improve stamina during physical performance. Buy Hype’s Hype Standard Bar Spin Lock today to improve body tone, enhance your physique and smash through training goals!
Size Range: 5ft (60 inches) or 7ft (84 inches)
When Best To Take The Product
Suitable for home or gym use.

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