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The Hype Platform Set is a high quality set of fitness steps and platforms, varying in height and designed to be easily stack for storage, to save floor space. Hype’s Platform Set provides you with solid and stable platforms for jumps, resistance exercises and resisted bodyweight drills. Featuring a non-slip surface and heavy duty frame. Perfect for aerobic exercises, combining the benefits of cardiovascular conditioning and strength training. The Hype Platforms are designed to improve stamina and flexibility, using a variety of workout height options.Varying heights, from low steps to high platforms allows you to preform arrange of exercises, targeting different muscle groups.  Higher platforms (using the correct posture), result in a higher calorie burn and provides a more effective workout. The Hype Platform Set provides you with a selection of different height platforms, offering a complete variety of exercise and workout possibilities. And the training intensity can be adjusted, depending on the height of your training step or platform. For example you can use the lower height steps and platforms to deliver low impact exercises, such as side step-ups and step-overs targeting the quads and calf muscles. While step-up presses work the leg and shoulder and marching steps to improve lower body conditioning.While the higher training platforms can allow for box jump style activities and plyometric exercise. And movements such as burpees off the platform will improve upper body strength.Combining a variety of different exercises, results in a full body conditioning workout. Perfect to improve all over muscle tone and increase fitness levels, making this a versatile training tool.These varying exercise routines offered by the Hype Platforms, makes this an easy to use and effective piece of gym equipment. Able to provide a full body workout, to improve overall body Composition – Or used to target specific muscle areas, to tone and tighten key areas.The Hype Platform Set ideal for home or gym use. Providing multi-purpose training platforms, with varying heights. Ideal to work on everything from your calf muscles, through to core muscles and even upper body muscles… A fantastic on in one training solution!Aerobic exercises are a simple way to aid weight loss goals and burn fat. The Hype Platform Set is the perfect tool to increase fitness levels and improve stamina. Supporting muscle growth and increasing muscle strength – Maximising performance results. The Hype Platform Set is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

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