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The Hype Olympic Power Bar is a super-strength Straight Power Bar, designed to hold up to 1500lb of weight. Hype’s Olympic Power Bar is a great addition to any gym or weight lifting training to provide an effective muscular workout. The Hype Olympic Power Bars are perfect for powerlifting lifts such as; Back squats, bench presses and deadlifts. As well as helping to improve general strength and fitness levels. Hype’s Olympic Power Bar is a 7ft Straight Power Bar (86 inches). Suitable for home or gym use and extremely durable, designed to withstand the toughest training sessions.A Power Bar is an essential piece of gym kit for any weight lifter or weight training activities. Providing a simple and convenient way to achieve muscle build and muscle strength goals.The Hype Olympic Power Bar helps to increase the growth of lean muscle mass and improve body definition.  Featuring a stylish Chrome finish to ensure longevity, designed to prevent rusting or chipping.

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