MILANO - It was an eventful weekend for the Milan youth teams.
PRIMAVERA: The team led by Cristian Brocchi, who was without Di Molfetta and with Vido and Calabria not at their best, battled hard in the derby despite losing Crociata to serious injury after only 6 minutes. In the second half De Santis was sent off when the scoreline was 2-1 to the nerazzurri. the match eventually finished 4-1 for Inter.BERRETTI: Nava's team produced a spectacular performance to beat Arezzo 7-5 with a hat-trick from Meleleo, a brace from Cestagalli and other goals from Papasodaro and Festa.ALLIEVI LEGA PRO: Reggiana-Milan 2-1,GIOVANISSIMI NAZIONALI: Milan-Lumezzane 1-1.GIOVANISSIMI REGIONALI A 2001: The Giovanissimi, led by Walter De Vecchi, thrashed Renate 6-0 on Saturday making it four victories in a row for the rossoneri. they now move up to 14 points in the league.GIOVANISSIMI REGIONALI B 2002: Milan-Pro Patria 7-0ESORDIENTI A 2003: Lombardia 1-Milan 1-1PULCINI A 2005: Milan-Rozzano calcio 9-1