MILAN- This is what Filippo Inzaghi had to say in his pre-match press conference on Saturday: 
Inzaghi started by commenting on the team’s promising position in the league table: "I’m not looking at the league table, even if we’re happy to be there. It all depends on us. All of this was perhaps unthinkable at the start of the season. I have to focus on the performances. It was hard at Cagliari, but we had 48 hours of rest less than them. We didn’t have many choices to make, for a question of balance. If Muntari had scored at 1-1, perhaps the match would have changed. We struggled, but also brought home the sixth positive result in a row. Palermo are a tough side and will be difficult to take on. However, we’re at the San Siro and we want to pick up the 3 points on offer, by giving everything that we have."A word on the side’s performances and results lately: "An evaluation can be made as of tomorrow evening. It’s positive however. We’ve perhaps not produced as much upfront, but we’ve worked well in defence. We have the best attack in the league and I’m not worried in this sense. We’ll get back scoring goals. The President was very kind with me and I hope that he is even happier with me at the end of the season. We’re proud of our scores that he gave us, but aware we have to improve, starting tomorrow. We want to win for him against Palermo."On the possible formation versus Palermo: "I’m not ruling anything out. We tried a 4-2-3-1 during the match. We’re without Bonaventura and Muntari tomorrow. We have excellent and reliable alternatives. Saponara and Van Ginkel come off the back of serious injuries and I have to get them in the best condition possible for them to be at their best out on the pitch."Inzaghi continued: "We have to try and play better and with quality. Maybe we made a step back in Cagliari, but I expected that. All the players are professional and when I choose to play a great player like Pazzini it’s because he deserves it. Torres is a great centre forward who has always scored goals and he will continue to do so. He’s judged by his goals, but he’s also helped his team-mates score. The attacking department has done well. There might have been a drop off, but we have many strings to our bow and I am sure we will continue to score many goals. I haven’t yet decided in defence. We’ll see if we get Alex back. In goal, I was thinking about bringing back Diego Lopez at Cagliari, but then I decided to go with continuity. If Diego Lopez is well, he will come back. For me De Sciglio had a very good game at Cagliari. I’m happy with him. I believe De Sciglio is the new Maldini, but we have to be cautious."The coach commented about playing with a formation with 4 forwards: “To play with 4 forwards you need lots of balance. Look at Napoli, that often struggle. When the players in that role are at 100% we can also do so from the start. I will evaluate the fitness of the side tomorrow. It’s the third match in 7 days and I will have to make choices."These were the final comments from Inzaghi: "Our fans are always close to us. I’m aware that it will take time and good performances to bring them all back to the stadium. It’s all down to us. I’m convinced we will be able to bring them back to the stadium. I often speak with Niang and he knows I rate him. I told him before the transfer window closed to go and play for a smaller side and that it would have been good for his maturity. We have lots of players upfront. He’s doing well and he will start at the Berlusconi Trophy. Perhaps tomorrow during the match he could turn out to be very useful. More substitutions? It would be better for the coach in managing the squad (laughs, editor’s note.)." 
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