(IN THE PHOTO: the squad at work on the covered pitch at Milanello)MILANELLO – The squad went through the first of 2 training sessions scheduled for today at Milanello. It began on the covered pitch with a warm-up with the use of the obstacles.The squad was then split into 2 groups. One of these was made up of Rami, Bonera, Niang, Bonaventura Essien, Abate and Zaccardo who all worked on some technical-tactical drills out on the lower pitch at Milanello. Muntari, Torres, El Shaarawy, Pazzini, Saponara and Mastour did some strength exercises with the use of obstacles and running with weights on the covered pitch.The goalkeepers trained on the lower pitch. At midday, Diego Lopez also made his way onto the lower pitch where he then trained with coach Magni.Abate, Bonaventura and Saponara trained with the rest of the squad.