(IN THE PHOTO: Bonaventura in training) MILANELLO – Milan started training today at 12.20 at the Milanello Sports Centre. The players that started the match versus Juventus on Saturday did a cool-down session in the gym. All of the other players including those that came on as substitutes at the San Siro versus Juventus (Pazzini, Torres and Bonaventura) trained on the raised pitch at Milanello.The first part of the session involved running, stretching and a keep-ball exercise. This was followed by some work on possession on a reduced size pitch with one free floating player that played for both sides. Goalkeepers Agazzi and Gori trained with coach Magni. The session was brought to an end with a 6 v 6 practice match over half a pitch.The players will train again on Monday at 11.00 ahead of Tuesday’s match away to Empoli. Coach Filippo Inzaghi will hold his pre-match press conference at 15.00.