MILAN – To live together in your own house is the dream of many couples. Even people with Down Syndrome have the same dreams just like anyone else and have the right to have a romantic relationship, to choose an independent life, start a family together, have the same opportunities and the same possibilities to choose: this is the theme surrounding the tenth edition of the World Down Syndrome Day, scheduled for Saturday, the 21st of March 2015.This year marks the 10th anniversary of World Down Syndrome Day and once again the Lega Serie A are pledging their support to the cause. The campaign will be promoted through CoorDown, with several events on the pitch ahead of matches as well as the promotional advert being shown on the giant screens in the stadiums.In Italy, the CoorDown charity - Coordinamento Nazionale Associazioni delle persone con sindrome di Down/National Coordination of Associations for people with Down Syndrome - will mark World Down Syndrome Day through a campaign to raise awareness and promote the importance of independence and the right to choose an independent residence. After the success of “Dear Future Mom” in 2014, CoorDown is again the leader of an international communication project made for the fourth consecutive year with the collaboration of the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi.  From Monday the 16th of March the new campaign, "The Special Proposal", is live on the CoorDown YouTube channel. Click here.The stars of this docu-reality are Salvatore and Caterina, from Rome, and both have Down Syndrome. For years they have been trying to live together and Salvatore has finally decided to ask Caterina in a very special way: with a surprise proposal in McDonald's in the Italian capital where she works. Caterina is completely unaware of anything before Salvatore makes his way into the restaurant. However, he is not alone and he is accompanied by the group “Neri per Caso” singing “Come Away with Me” by the artist Norah Jones. When Salvatore gets down on one knee and pulls out a little box, there’s another splendid surprise: it’s not a wedding ring inside, but a key to their new home!The “Neri per Caso”- a musical group from Salerno, and winner of the Sanremo Festival in 1995 in the New Groups category – played a big part in the making of the video, arranging with their talent and creativity the song of the American singer-songwriter released in 2002. The docu-reality show, produced by Filmmaster Productions, was also pretty ambitious from a technical point of view. For instance, the first part was filmed in the subjective and it took more than 10 hidden cameras to film the proposal to ensure Caterina was none the wiser! The campaign "The Special Proposal" was produced with the contribution of Down Syndrome Australia and Down Madrid and with the participation of the Down Syndrome Development Trust (UK), Down Movement (Brazil), Saving Downs (New Zealand), National Down Syndrome Society (US) and Japan Down Syndrome Society.The official hashtag of The Special Proposal campaign is #specialproposalThe official hashtag of the World Down Syndrome Day is #WDSD15Adults with Down Syndrome must have the opportunity to choose, take decisions and have control of their life choices. The aim of independence is based around creating satisfactory social relationships, inclusion in education and training systems, the chance to work and to enjoy full and equal rights, without discrimination. On this subject, on Friday the 20th of March CoorDown will be participating at the World Conference on World Down Syndrome Day "My opportunities, My Choices - Enjoying Full and Equal Rights and the Role of Families". It will be staged in New York at the United Nations headquarters and the 2015 campaign will be presented and the experiences of the participating groups will be shared on the theme of autonomy and living.Housing independence is the culmination of a long process of growth and becoming more aware of one’s own identity: many young people and adults with Down Syndrome can attain this gradually over the years and a level of self-sufficiency to manage their daily lives thanks to the support and collaboration of the families that encourage the process of "detachment" and the work of the educators in the projects across the country.World Down Syndrome Day is an international event - officially sanctioned by a UN resolution – and created to raise awareness and knowledge on Down Syndrome, to create a new culture diversity and to promote respect and integration into society of all those people with Down Syndrome. The choice of the date 21st of March is not just by chance either: Down Syndrome, also known as Trisomy 21, is caused by the presence of an extra chromosome - three instead of two - in the chromosome pair no. 21 within the cells."Our campaign - Sergio Silvestre, National President of CoorDown - is in line with the spirit and principles that underline the United Nations Convention on the rights of people with disabilities. That document is a universal provision and protection of the right to an independent life and full inclusion in society must become a right not only in Italy, but in all countries that have signed and ratified the document. We hope that our projects, also aimed on the international scene, can contribute to a greater awareness of these issues around the world.""Taking part in DOMUS Salvatore and Caterina verify what it takes to actually understand the joy but also the difficulties that can be encountered in daily life - Stefania Mazotti, head psychologist for the Fondazione Italiana Verso il Futuro and Domus project co-ordinator. This allows them and their families to start a gradual process of "emotional detachment" and to monitor through the operators what real needs are presented in the management of everyday life. The independence of people with Down Syndrome doesn’t just come about in couples, you can also live a satisfying and full life with friendships and groups, as we often find in the project DOMUS.""It's our fourth year of working with CoorDown and we are increasingly proud with how all of the people involved in this initiative put all their passion and professionalism into this initiative, which is much more than just a campaign - Giuseppe Caiazza, CEO Saatchi & Saatchi Italy and France and Head of Automotive Business S & D EMEA. Again, CoorDown has understood perfectly how an innovative approach, in a campaign of this type, can make a real difference.""Thanks to the direction of Edoardo Lugari - Karim Bartoletti, Executive Producer for Filmmaster Productions - we have created a high quality project in which we didn’t have an opportunity to repeat the scenes, something that is not often part of our work as advertising producers. CoorDown, thanks to the creative direction given by Saatchi & Saatchi, has shown how we can renew the message in a creative and intelligent manner without falling into the usual emotional procedures in non-profit communication."