(IN THE PHOTO: the team at work on Thursday afternoon at Milanello) 
MILANELLO – The squad trained at Milanello on Thursday afternoon at 15.00. The players started the session on the lower pitch at the Milanello Training Centre with a warm-up which included a jog and some exercises for the lower limbs. This was then followed by an intense focus on tactics. The squad was divided into groups: defensive drills were trialed out on the lower pitch by one group while the other group of players worked on offensive moves on the raised pitch at Milanello. 
The two groups then came back together on the lower pitch to continue their work on tactics across an entire pitch. 
Individuals: Bonaventura, Diego Lopez, Albertazzi and Van Ginkel took part in the entire training session with the rest of the playing squad. 
Menez worked on his personalised fitness programme. The two Colombia internationals Zapata and Armero did a light session in the gym after their recent commitments with their national side.
Today meanwhile the rossoneri will train at 11.30.