MILAN- On Saturday afternoon, Filippo Inzaghi held his pre-match press conference ahead of Sunday's Serie A match against Napoli. This is what was said: "Menez doesn’t have to take the blame for anything, just like El Shaarawy against Inter, it can happen to other players. It would have been important to take the lead because against Genoa in the first half we didn’t risk anything. In the second half we didn’t react well. Tomorrow we have an important test against a strong side, we will try and give an important response after the defeat at Genoa.""On Tuesday I got angry because Genoa beat us despite not creating any chances. A team like ours in those type of matches, if it isn’t able to win, has to at least bring home a point. We can’t allow ourselves to lose points because of a corner kick. I would have accepted a deserved defeat, if you’re not able to score in a match like that, you have to draw. The players have worked very well during the week, with an excellent attitude and now the test comes out on the pitch. It’s the second or third time that we weren’t able to claim third place, but we will move forwards by working.""An episode cannot condition the match. At Genoa we did badly in the second half, perhaps because going down a goal undeservedly, we reacted in a disorganised manner. We’ve reflected altogether on this and to try and react better and in a more organised manner, should we go a goal down again. In order to become great, a side has to go through these defeats and improve. Napoli has a squad that could compete for the Scudetto and yet it is struggling, just like Inter. Everyone asks for time and we need it as well, but we know that we cannot fail again in occasions like the one at Genoa.""Napoli are the strongest attack in the league, we will try and make use of our characteristics. They have some deadly players that we know well. To win we will need the best Milan of the season, the players have a big desire to bounce back. We will see a Milan up to the standard.""I am angry for the news that has been reported. Muntari went in for a hard challenge, but it was not a violent challenge. If it were, Muntari would already be out of the squad. I am sorry for Van Ginkel, but it’s not right to say things about Muntari that are not true. He had no intention of hurting him, so for me, the case is closed. I have lots of solutions and today I will try and understand who to play to cope with his absence.""The 4-3-3 and the 4-2-3-1 are two formations that we’ve often adopted. I’m reasonably calm, when I choose the 11 players to start I then decide the formation based on their characteristics so they can give their maximum.""Bonaventura can do everything, because he is a very clever player and person. He has the right hunger and football brain. The goals that we’ve conceded from set pieces are in line with the average of the other Serie A sides. We’re analysing the situation though. It’s clear that set pieces have taken away some points, with Empoli, Palermo and Genoa. We need to have a slight bit more concentration. I am not for revolutions, for zonal marking it will take time and you cannot do it in a matter of days.""Abate, De Sciglio and Alex will probably be back after the break. I am sure that I will have all 3 of them ready for after the winter break. Honda has trained all week and is fine, I will decide whether to start him or bring him on later.""The opinion is that we have to grow, just like all the other sides that are fighting with us. The words of the President are a motivation for us, just like the affection of the fans. It’s very exciting for me to take on a coach like Benitez. In the end though it is the players that will have to give the best that they have and for a great match. Athens is there in my memory and the memories of all Milan fans, but I prefer to look forwards.""The performances in the last 7 matches have been positive, we have collected less than what we deserved and we have to improve on this, but it would have been worse if we had not even performed. It will be a spectacular match against Napoli, both sides will want to win. We know their main strengths and we will try and take advantage of their weak points. Napoli creates a lot and they have many attacking players. I think that we will allow them something, at times it also happens to us. At the end I don’t believe that one area of the team will decide the match, the winner will be the side that has played better across all phases.""The Italian Cup will be like our Europa League or Champions League. I am happy that the other Italian sides progressed in Europe because it’s a good thing for Italian football. When you don’t win matches that you deserved to win it’s normal that it affects morale. I don’t see however a worsening in our game or the desire. We’re missing some important points and we have to be better at winning those matches that we play well, or just like what happened in Genoa, not lose them."